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Written by Walt Meyer

Successful Remodels Rely on a Great Electrician

Planning for a home remodel or addition means considering the various elements that make up the project. Your focus will probably be on how beautiful the space will look, but the electrical system will be of equal importance. One of the most critical decisions you will make before starting work is your choice of electrician. 

Making sure that every electrical component will be properly installed will result in a successful project and peace of mind. When deciding on an electrical service company, look for experience in remodeling and new construction, along with electricians who are licensed and familiar with electrical codes.

Importance of Experience

An electrician who is experienced in remodels or additions will be very skilled in utilizing existing wiring when possible and knowledgeable about installing new systems when they are needed. They will be able to weave wires through finished walls in the configurations that provide easy access while remaining unobtrusive to other features. These capabilities make their work faster, more efficient, and less costly for homeowners. The following are three typical services of a remodeling or room addition project.

Wiring Upgrades

Due to the poor condition or obsolescence of existing wiring in older homes, a remodel may require a total wiring overhaul. The electrical company staff should have a comprehensive understanding of the latest codes and regulations to ensure their work will pass inspection and, most importantly, the residents will be safe.

Lighting Installations

A home remodeling project will typically entail the installation of new lighting fixtures. An experienced electrical services firm should be consulted regarding your desired lighting scheme for each particular area to ensure your vision is carried out aesthetically, functionally, and technically. This work should also include installing lighting controls integrated with the electrical system.


The addition of new room(s) to a home will certainly require the installation of electrical components. Electricians who are experienced in utilizing or upgrading existing circuitry, control panels, and electrical capacity will be essential for this type of project.

Electrical Services You Can Trust

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