We have found that a lot of customers have questions regarding the correct heavy-up process. In reality, this process consists of few important steps described below, and Meyer Electrical Services, Inc. will upgrade your electrical panel to accommodate all your needs.

Meyer Electrical Services, Inc. carries and installs only the best quality products, such as Cutler Hammer panel boards and circuit breakers, and provides lifetime warranty on all electrical panels, circuit breakers and generator installations in Bethesda MD.

All of our residential heavy-ups include a lifetime warranty on the panel board, circuit breakers and labor.

If one or more of the following issues occur, you need to request Heavy-Up upgrade:

  • There is no more room in your panel to add or change circuitry.
  • You cannot add a new appliance or device because more amperage than what you currently have available in your panel is required.
  • Your circuits keep tripping due to an overloaded circuit, and there is no more room in the panel to move items around.
  • You are planning additional remodels or renovations that will require your home to have a higher service line coming in.

Process Steps & Time Frames:

  1. Contact Meyer Electrical Services, Inc., to analyze your problems and ensure a heavy-up is the correct method for repair. Receive a FREE estimate.
  2. Acceptance of Estimate: Once you accept the estimate, Meyer Electrical Services,Inc. performs the remaining steps.
  3. Meyer Electrical Services, Inc. Pulls an Electrical Permit:  It is extremely important to pull an electrical permit for the heavy-up. This allows the county to inspect the work to make sure it was done correctly and safely. In addition, the county passes on the results to PEPCO    and any information they need to proceed.
  4. Heavy-Up Performed: The heavy-up takes approximately 7 to 8 hours. Power will have to be shut off to your home for approximately 4 of those hours.
  5. Inspection: An inspector from the jurisdiction in which the permit was issued comes to the residence to inspect the work.
  6. Meyer Electrical Services, Inc. Sends Notification to Power Company: Once the inspection passes, our master electrician applies for class of service application to PEPCO letting them know a heavy-up was performed.
  7. Inspector Sends Information to PEPCO: The inspector then sends the information to PEPCO to give the power company permission to proceed with final connections.
  8. PEPCO Issues Work Request and Performs a Site Check: PEPCO provides us a work request number, which is used to identify the job. A site check is done by PEPCO to obtain the information needed to complete the connections and yet again make sure everything is in place to make the final connections. It takes them approximately 30 to 90 days to complete their work.
  9. PEPCO makes Final Connections: The power company comes out to perform the final connection to the meter and the service weather head at your residence.