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Facts About Hi-Tech Home Infrastructure

The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) estimates almost 80% of home builders are now installing structured wiring for entertainment and data. However, some homes still need its installation or an upgrade. Many electrical services companies are skilled and experienced in this field, so consider them for the hi-tech infrastructure of your home. 

All-In-One Wiring Panels Help Make Homes Smart

Structured wiring panels contain cables from service providers and a home’s internal wiring, acting as the distribution center of their signals. Also housed are plug-in patch connections for network Ethernet cables, telephony, data, coaxial video cable splitters, audio & video, security, environment control, and surge protection. These All-In-One Wiring Panels help make automation possible through centralization, making a smart home.

New Sensors Enable the Internet of Things (IoT)

Sensors are playing an integral part in the growth of IoT in homes. Wireless devices with sensors can gather data regarding motion, temperature, sunlight, humidity, etc. for automating a home’s environment control. Lighting can be controlled with sensors and programmed for activation and deactivation based on the schedule of residents. Security systems can also be augmented with sensors.

Structured Wiring is Essential

In spite of the rapid improvement of wireless technology, CAT6 Ethernet cabling and RG6 coaxial cable for video, and speaker audio wiring should be installed as part of a complete structured wiring package for new homes and upgrades. High-performance wired networks will be necessary for the delivery of HD video and handling 4K or Ultra HD over connected Smart TV entertainment systems. Structured wiring infrastructure can better withstand interference and is capable of providing Power over Ethernet (PoE) to a growing number of devices.

Wireless not a Total Solution

Wireless networking has become a standard for homes, but it is vulnerable to interference and bottlenecks that slow internet access. High-speed Ethernet cabling and coaxial cable for video and audio are much more reliable and can support several users simultaneously, along with streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu which will consume 80% of internet bandwidth by 2020.

Electrical Services You Can Trust

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