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Written by Walt Meyer

Wiring Your Kitchen for a New Electric Range

An electric range has several advantages over a gas stove. They reach the desired temperature faster, and they are more accurate when cooking food at the proper temperatures. In addition, electric ranges are much safer and easier to clean. However, they are sometimes not simple to install. Call a trusted and experienced licensed electrician to give you a hand. 

Reasons Electrician Needed

Perhaps the main difference between big appliances and smaller electronics is the electrical power they need. Due to greater power requirements, an electric range utilizes 240 volts rather than the standard 120 volts utilized by small appliances. The majority of 240v plugs use outlets with four prongs. Two are hot wires, one is neutral, and the last is a ground wire. However, prior to the 1996 NEC (National Electric Code) edition, most homes were equipped with only three-pronged outlets.

As the NEC does not mandate that homeowners upgrade the wiring for their 240v receptacles, there are many homes that use electrical outlets for major appliances with three prongs. Although this may not be an issue because electric ranges are still sold with three-pronged plugs, homeowners can opt to upgrade their wiring before installing a new electric range for greater safety.

Safety Advantage of 4 Pronged Outlets

A 3-pronged outlet connects the neutral and ground wires.  As a result, there is a greater risk of electrical current being able to flow to the ground wire, energizing the metal frame of a dryer or electric range. If this occurs, a user may be injured by an electric shock after touching the appliance.

According to the NEC, a home is still complying with code if it continues to use existing 3-pronged outlets. A homeowner can also replace an appliance’s 4-prong cord with a 3-pronged cord to fit an existing 3-pronged outlet. Whatever you decide, talk to an electrician to ensure your family’s safety.

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