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The Most Common Thermostat Problems for Electricians

You depend on a thermostat every day to ensure your home maintains a comfortable temperature. However, like all devices, thermostats have a service lifespan, and one day they won’t work. They also experience occasional issues along the way. Repairing a faulty thermostat always calls for an expert. You should turn to a reputable and licensed electrician to give you a hand.

Common Problems

Perhaps the problem that occurs most often is faulty wiring. The only effective way to address this issue is to rewire the thermostat, which may require removing a section of the wall to allow the replacement of wiring

One other typical issue is the thermostat’s improper location. As an example, a thermostat that was installed inside the basement will measure and provide temperature readings that will be inappropriate for the other areas of the home, such as bedrooms, where people spend most of their time. An improper thermostat location will leave these areas either too cold or too hot. The best course of action is relocating the thermostat to a more suitable location, which will require rewiring, along with the reinstallation or replacement of the device.

Thermostat failure can also be attributed to either a tripped circuit or blown fuse. A homeowner can either reset the circuit breaker or replace the blown fuse but if there is any doubt about the proper fuse to use, an electrician should be consulted. The wrong fuse may lead to an electrical fire.

Average Cost

The average cost of thermostat repair will depend on the problems involved and the location of your home. The area where you live may play a part in the cost of repair as labor may be more expensive there. However, homeowners should expect to pay several hundred dollars for home thermostat repair. It is advisable to get an estimate first to ensure the charges are reasonable. At the end of the day, what will be most important is finding an expert and licensed electrician for high-quality and professional work.

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