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Written by Walt Meyer

Typical Lighting Mistakes During a Home Remodel

Remodeling your home will also require planning and executing a lighting design. Lighting will affect how your home is perceived, so it means much more than being able to see at night. The ways lighting is used can also beautify a home. Consult with a licensed electrician experienced in home construction to achieve the best results. The following lists the typical mistakes homeowners make during remodeling projects. 

Concealed Lighting Reflections

The main goal of concealed lighting is to remain hidden. One example of this concept is backlighting a featured wall or widescreen TV for a glowing effect. However, if the bulbs are visible as they reflect on shiny surfaces, the lighting is no longer concealed and the space turns tacky.

Ceiling Fan Under Recessed Lighting

It is straight from noir or horror movies. A spinning ceiling fan throws ghastly shadows against the walls and floor because it was installed underneath a downlight. This annoying flickering can be avoided during planning by ensuring that the entire span of the ceiling fan’s blades is clear of recessed ceiling lights.

Cove Lighting Gaps

To get cove lighting’s attractive continuous glow strip effect, lighting tubes must overlap as opposed to being side by side. Adequate width is needed to make this possible. This will prevent cove lighting from looking like dashes and ruin the entire lighting design. Consistent brightness must be maintained for the entire depth to avoid overconcentration in a shallow cove.

Light Fixture Placement

The concept of appropriate lighting involves the proper size and placement of a lighting fixture. Too low a chandelier, and someone may hit their head. Too low a ceiling light, and it will feel too hot for those underneath.

Neglecting Color Temperature

Mixing the color temperatures of light sources in the same room is acceptable. One can utilize warmer temperatures for the ambient room lighting and cooler temperatures for task lighting, such as reading lamps. However, do not mix cool white and warm white bulbs within the same area as this will cause uneven lighting patterns.

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