Kohler Generator Install Repair Bethesda MDIt is simple – our lives depend on power. Losing electricity can be a scary thing, when you cannot run your A/C or your heating system, and complete your daily essentials like cooking, laundry or the kids’ bath time. And what happens to all the food in the refrigerator and freezer? Your lights, televisions, computers, radio, and even special phones can be rendered useless. You are cut off from the rest of the world! Do you have someone with special needs or who require medical equipment? What happens to them? Isn’t it time to provide a little peace of mind to your family? Have Meyer Electrical Services, Inc. preform your generator installations in Bethesda, MD and the surrounding areas today.

“Our experience with Meyer Electrical Services was outstanding in all respects. We now have a new found level of confidence in our ability to withstand prolonged power outages with our new whole house generator.”

~ Susan Rosenbaum

Kohler generators (air cooled) are available in 12kW to 20kW models. They make standby power a savvy investment for residential applications. For small business power standby solutions, we offer 24kW to 60kW units. These revolutionary generators are exceptionally quiet, environmentally friendly and so affordable that they can often pay for themselves during a single power outage in commercial and industrial applications. The units are fully enclosed in an insulated weatherproof enclosure. Kohler generators are the only engine designed specifically for extended generator use, not adapted from lawn and garden applications. You decide what items are important to you in a power outage and we will help you to determine the power you need. Whether you want basic circuits or your whole home powered, Meyer Electrical Services, Inc. will offer the right generator solution for you, complete an installation and provide regular preventative maintenance services according to installation contract.

We are an authorized Kohler Dealer and Certified in Diagnostics, Maintenance, and Repairs in strict accordance with Kohler established guidelines. This ensures your Kohler Warranty is valid from a proper install. We are fully licensed and insured. We only use the best products available to install all of the electrical components. We provide turnkey installations in a neat and a workmanlike manner. Your project will be complete from start to finish with Meyer Electrical Services, Inc.

Kohler OnCue MonitoringThe OnCue Monitoring System is included with every installation, which allows monitoring your valuable system operation and check its status even when you are away. You can customize the settings in order to receive notifications of your choice from your phone, computer or tablet. With OnCue, you can get email notifications on any operation or event your generator performs whether you are home, traveling or on the go.  (Additional charges may apply)

“I had the pleasure of doing business with Walt Meyer from Meyer Electrical Services, Inc. He and his crew of electricians and contractors installed my whole house generator. He offers competitive pricing, and professional services. Walt was very responsive with working through the issues with subcontractors to facilitate the installation of the split meter for the gas. Once that was complete his crew was efficient and promptly installed the remaining of the electrical work for automatic transfer of power to the generator during an outage. They were kind and explained everything that was being done. I felt very much included in the process as a valued client. I am comforted in knowing that my home is protected during a power outage and feel confident with the tutorial from Walt with the minimal maintenance that I need to do during an extensive outage. I am pleased with the services that I received and look forward to working with him and his team for the annual maintenance of the generator as well as any future electrical services that I may need. A stand-up company all around. I highly recommend their services!”

~Shantell Brown


Within 10 seconds of an outage, a generator automatically turns on and provides nice, clean, and steady 120/240 volts of electricity directly to your home’s electrical panel. After the utility power returns and is sustained, the transfer switch restores the utility power back to your house. The generator will soon shut off and wait until the next power outage. It operates on natural or liquid propane gas, easily convertible, and sits outside just like a central A/C unit. As the units are fully automatic, you never have to refuel your backup generator as it is hard piped into your home’s gas supply. Besides, a standby generator lasts much longer than a portable unit as it performs a weekly self-test, which helps ensure everything is working correctly, spins the oil through the motor, and gets the generator up to operating temperature. This also flushes the gas line of any condensation build up to prevent further future damage. At that point, the only thing you need to do is check on it once a month. Make sure the oil level is correct and the system reads “Ready.” It is a fairly simple investment to operate. (For an additional information, please refer to our Guidelines for Proper Operation of Your Generator).

Every generator installation, provided by MEYER ELECTRICAL SERVICE, INC. includes the following:

  • Standard 5-Year Kohler Warranty (refer to documentation).
  • Standard 5-Year Warranty on all parts and labor for gas and electrical components installed.
  • Permit applications and coordination (inspection).
  • Install high strength solid, sturdy foundation for the Kohler generator and eliminates the risk of uneven mounting surfaces. This also provides the extra height of the ground for the generator.
  • Generator will be secured with bolts to the foundation.
  • Coordinate utility consultation with PEPCO and WGL Gas for appropriate services.
  • Check natural gas meter for proper sizing and coordinate meter/service upgrade if necessary.
  • Run minimum 1″ black gas pipe all the way to generator and convert to 1/2″ only at the generator. With the bigger generators, it is common to run 1 1/4″ black gas pipe from the source to the generator.
  • Painting the newly installed exterior black gas pipe to prevent rust.
  • Custom install of all gas and electrical components.
  • We leave the job site cleaner than when we started. Cleanliness is very important to us. We use drop clothes in your home to protect the floors.
  • You will also see us protecting your landscaping to prevent unnecessary damages.
  • We complete all the work ourselves. We do not subcontract anything.
  • Provide customer tutorial and full documentation of the setup.
  • Generator Start-up, initial break in, and operation check.
  • We change break-in oil after 8 hours of running time.
  • We also provide preventative maintenance services.


Preventative maintenance program ensures your generator system is always in top operating condition and warranty requirements are being met. Kohler’s maintenance kits provide all the hardware necessary to perform complete routine maintenance on a Kohler automatic standby generator. Oil must be purchased separately based upon manufacturer recommendations.

Note: Maintenance is recommended at least once a year or at every 200 hours of operation.

Meyer Electrical Services, Inc, will take care of all the necessities making sure your generator is running properly when you need it the most. Our maintenance program for air cooled units includes the following, but not limited to oil change, oil filter change, battery check, engine fluid levels check, replacing spark plugs if necessary, GEN pad check, all wiring check, all gas plumbing check, transfer switch operation, engine RPMs, generator output voltage, etc.

Contact us for more information about our Preventative Maintenance Service.