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Written by Walt Meyer

Tips for Home Structured Wiring

It revolves around a suite of cables, which are typically bundled and sealed in plastic, that distribute various data signals, such as Ethernet, video, audio, and telephone. Similar to electrical distribution, a bundle of wires will run through a home’s walls to wall outlets consisting of 2 to 8 ports. This will allow televisions, telephones, computers, security systems, and other online systems to be connected.


The ideal time for installing structured wiring is when a home is being remodeled or initially constructed. Cables need to be installed throughout the entire house behind the walls, which is more costly and less convenient when a house is already completed.


Packages for structured wiring come in various service levels. They start with a basic system covering basic cable TV and telephone to much more complex systems. If a basic option is chosen, it is critical that all the wiring needed for a future upgrade is installed. It is also important to run the cable to every room where it might be needed due to the high cost and inconvenience of adding cable in the future.

Two Types

Daisy chaining is the least costly configuration. This type of cabling will run from room to room in a continuous length. Its disadvantage is signal quality, which will be poorer at the end than at the beginning. The entire system will also need inspection to pinpoint a connection problem. In contrast, a star topology configuration has each set of wires running to a single outlet, providing consistently high quality signals to every area. The location of a connection problem will also be easier to locate.

Wiring Quality

Lower grade wiring can decrease the quality of audio and picture. At minimum, a structured bundle should be made of 2 coaxial cables of RG-6 quality as well as 2 twisted pair of Category 5 (CAT-5) cables. For anticipating future greater data demand, CAT-6 and 2 fiber optic cables should be chosen.


Structured wiring allows several computers to use one Internet connection and network. The same song or movie can be enjoyed in every room. Multiple phone lines, device sharing of fax machines or printers, and viewing video from security cameras are all possible.

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