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The Advantages of Electric Baseboard Heaters – Part 1

Homeowners who are using only a central heating system during the colder months will have higher utility bills. Using supplemental heating is one way to lower costs, and there are various kinds of heaters that can implement this strategy. One type that should be strongly considered is the electric baseboard heater; this article will discuss the advantages.


Designed to radiate warmth in a specific room, baseboard heaters allow you to significantly lower the temperature setting of the central heating system, decreasing energy consumption and saving money. The two main types are convection and hydronic, and their features are covered below.

Common Features

Convection and hydronic baseboard heaters both radiate heat gently and gradually and are controlled by a thermostat. They look similar, and their options for voltage will either be 120V or 240V. Higher voltage heaters will generate more heat and are more efficient. The great majority of baseboard heaters are designed to be directly wired, and a professional electrician should handle the installation. Both heaters will take about half an hour to radiate heat and warm an average-sized room to a desired temperature. However, they are quiet and do not blow air that carries unhealthy dust, particles, and pollutants.


Convection heaters function by using a heating element, which are electric coils that warm up just like those within a toaster. They are not expensive, costing usually less than $100. Their simple design allows them to be reliable over several decades. One drawback is convection heaters will cool off rapidly once they are turned off.


Rather than heating air, hydronic and oil-filled heaters warm water or oil sealed within their systems, and the liquid then heats the surrounding air. The heated liquid will stay warmer for an extended period of time after a hydronic heater is turned off. However, a hydronic heater costs up to four times more than a convection heater and offers less size options than convection heaters. Although more energy efficient, a hydronic will be slower to heat up a room than a convection type.

Part 2 will cover the overall advantages of electric baseboard heaters.

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