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Written by Walt Meyer

Electrical Upgrades for Home Remodels & Renovations – Part 1

As a home’s electrical system is hidden behind walls, many owners forget it while planning a remodel or renovation. However, if the process includes opening ceilings and walls, the project presents an ideal opportunity for making needed electrical upgrades that will meet both current and future requirements.

The following discusses five aspects of a home’s electrical system that will usually require upgrading during a remodel or renovation. Always work with a licensed electrician for creating a good plan for the project.

Inadequate Outlets

For families with young children, their need for electricity will likely increase rapidly as they grow. When you are renovating a home, that is the perfect time for the installation of more electrical outlets. Areas that commonly need additional outlets are listed below:

• Children’s bedrooms for TVs, video games, and tablets

• Home offices using a computer, monitor, printer, and other peripherals

• Kitchens with new larger appliances and electronic devices

• Outdoor spaces with barbecue area, entertainment center, and fans

Homes that are relying on extension cords and power strips to meet typical electrical needs should seriously consider installing additional outlets. Doing so will not only result in more convenience, it will promote safety. A licensed electrical contractor can help you plan for additional outlets prior to your home’s remodel or renovation.

Installation of GFCIs

GFCIs (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters) ensure safety by immediately shutting off electricity when a plugged-in electrical device touches water or other liquids. Although now required for newly constructed kitchens and bathrooms, older homes may not be equipped with GFCIs.

For a licensed electrician, it’s an easy job to replace an existing outlet with a GFCI during a remodeling or renovation project. The installation of GFCIs will promote safety for everyone in your home. In addition, local building codes may require their installation whenever a home is being remodeled or renovated.

Part 2 will discuss three more aspects of a home’s electrical system that may require upgrading during a remodel or renovation.

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