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Written by Walt Meyer

Bringing Your Home Up to Code

Although adhering to building codes appears to make projects more difficult, they actually improve safety. Taking shortcuts with electrical wiring can lead to losing your home or office to an electrical fire. It makes sense to work with an experienced and licensed electrician from the beginning.

If you’ve just bought a home, are trying to sell your present home, or you have concerns about how safe your house is electrically, it would be wise to bring your home up to electrical code.

Prioritize Two Crucial Areas

Many electricians think prioritizing two crucial areas, the kitchen and the bathroom, is the best approach for bringing a home up to code. Both of these areas undergo heavy electrical use and have the potential to be a hazard as they are often exposed to water.

Moisture can eventually cause the corrosion of wires and outlets in bathrooms, leading to electrical shock that causes injury or death. As for the kitchen, it contains the appliances that use the most power. This area presents great dangers if used improperly. It is crucial to ensure a kitchen’s outlets are grounded and safe. Otherwise, a serious electrical accident can cause a fatality.

Below are three aspects of a home’s electrical system that should be inspected by a licensed electrician. Work with a professional who is experienced and highly rated for customer service to get the best results in bringing your home up to code.

• Electrical Panel – It may have been augmented or upgraded since your home was built. Unfortunately, the work may have not been performed properly, resulting in electrical problems that affect the entire home.

• Remodels – The addition of rooms to your house after the original construction can result in a number of electrical issues if new wiring is faulty. New wires should be properly installed on circuits and the electrical panel.

• Wiring – Aluminum wiring was often used in older homes, and it should be replaced to improve safety.

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