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Written by Walt Meyer

Planning Your Home Standby Generator Installation During Winter

Although winter is still here, start planning your home standby generator’s installation now to be ready for spring’s severe weather. The Chesapeake Bay region experiences numerous storm systems during the year capable of bringing down power lines. Maryland’s hurricane season starts as early as May and lasts through October.

However it takes more than just plugging in a standby generator to help ensure your family has uninterrupted power. A successful installation requires good planning, proper paperwork, and the help of a licensed electrician.

The Planning Process

Before buying your generator, decide where it will be installed by consulting with an electrician. The location must comply with both national and local electrical codes, along with following the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Normally a standby generator must be installed at least two feet away from the residence, and the unit must have a minimum clearance of three feet on its front and sides. Most localities require an inspection to verify that the location of a generator and the home’s electrical system are in compliance.

By being aware of local codes and knowing the basics of proper generator installation, a homeowner will be more confident during the process and have the ability to notice possible problems.

Hire an Experienced Electrician

When you are interviewing an electrician, it’s important to determine if they have extensive experience in home standby generator installation. Talking about the installation process will help you to determine how knowledgeable the electrician is. Request references from the best candidates to verify that the quality of their work satisfied their past customers.

Installing an automatic transfer switch will require the interruption of electricity from the meter. A professional will be capable of performing a safe disconnection from the meter to carry out the installation. Occasionally, the local utility will require an advance notification. This is where a licensed electrician who is experienced in installing residential standby generators will come in handy.

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