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Written by Walt Meyer

8 Wise Electrical Tips for Homeowners – Part 2

As discussed in Part 1, every homeowner has to occasionally deal with an electrical problem at home. Working with an experienced licensed electrician will ensure safety and get the best results. Part 2 will cover four more electrical tips for homeowners.

5) Outdoor Receptacles Promote Safety

Flat covers only protect an outdoor receptacle when it’s not being used. However, extension cords are plugged into them for long periods sometimes, such as when they are used for holiday lights. Outdoor receptacles with bubble covers are protected all the time. The NEC (National Electric Code) states that 15-amp and 20-amp receptacles must be both tamper-resistant and weather-resistant in either wet or damp locations.

6) Protect Kids With Tamper-Resistant Receptacles

Although engineered to prevent children from inserting foreign objects and getting shocked, tamper-resistant receptacles (TRRs) seem like ordinary electrical outlets. You can easily plug in an electrical device. However, they are made with a spring-loaded receptacle cover plate that won’t allow children to stick in a key or paper clip.

7) Upgrade Your Electrical Panel for More Power

If you live in an older home, it may be that you are still using an outdated fuse box rather than a circuit breaker, which would improve safety. Although you already have circuit breakers, they may frequently trip because your electrical system can’t meet modern electrical demands. You may also be considering installing a new large appliance, remodeling, or building an addition, which may increase electrical needs beyond what your existing electrical panel can handle. An electrical panel upgrade or ‘heavy-up’ will make your home safer and let it handle more electricity.

8) Warning Signs Should Not Be Ignored

Always pay attention to the symptoms indicating there are issues with your home’s electrical system. Ignoring warning signs may result in an electrical fire or shock. Call an electrician and ask for a safety inspection right away if you touch a light switch that feels very hot, you hear popping sounds from an outlet, you can’t reset a circuit breaker, or you smell burning from the electrical panel.

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