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Written by Walt Meyer

8 Wise Electrical Tips for Homeowners – Part 1

All homeowners have to occasionally deal with a problem involving their house’s faulty electrical system. Working with an experienced licensed electrician will ensure safety and get the best results. The following are eight wise electrical tips for homeowners.

1) Don’t Monkey With a Circuit Breaker

Circuit breakers prevent circuits from overloading and possibly starting a fire. If a breaker continues tripping after being reset, the underlying cause must be determined and repaired right away. Unfortunately, some people aren’t aware that this is important and want to avoid dealing with the issue. One of the worst things they can do is holding a breaker in place with tape because it will allow the dangerous situation to remain. 

2) Electrical Outlets Are Complicated

Sometimes people think that it will be simple doing a DIY on an electrical outlet when it stops working. However, when an average homeowner opens it up, they will often be confused by the collection of wires, wire nuts, and tape tucked inside. It’s best to hire a local licensed electrician to do the repair. Why take the chance of doing it wrong or worrying whether or not you did it right? 

3) Energy Vampires Bite

If you want to save on electricity bills, drive a stake through all the energy vampires sucking up energy around your house. Be especially wary of devices that maintain a “standby” mode or those that have remote controls. They need a constant flow of current to wake up fast. Although they aren’t plugged into their devices, laptop and phone chargers still consume electricity.

4) GFCIs Are Important

As required by code, every outlet that is located within 6 feet from a source of water needs to be protected by a GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter). It helps ensure safety by cutting electrical current when a circuit loses amperage. Typically found in bathrooms and exterior outlets, a GFCI will provide protection to all devices downstream on a circuit, including lighting and outlets.

Part 2 will cover four more electrical tips for homeowners.

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