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Written by Walt Meyer

Setting Up a Smart Home with Proper Wiring

If you are planning on building or remodeling your house, you should consider also setting up a smart home for automation, convenience, and energy efficiency. Using proper wiring through structured cabling best practices will save you time, effort, and money as discussed below. Partner with a licensed and experienced electrician to ensure a safe and successful project.


Used for running wires for speaker wires, video cabling, and network cables, cable conduits should be installed where there might even be the possibility of needing wires of any type. They are much easier to install while the house is being built than, for example, having to thread speaker wire through walls after construction.

Deep Junction Boxes

Deeper junction boxes allow more space for users, and they can accommodate larger in-wall devices. Ask the electrical contractor to also install and wire extra junction boxes at several locations. They can easily be covered with a faceplate if unused. In addition, they are much easier to install during construction than afterwards.

Neutral Wire

Your electrical contractor should run a neutral wire to every junction box. Even though most professionals customarily do so, making this request will make sure there is an available neutral wire, which are necessary for the majority of powerline home automation devices.


Even if you aren’t installing a whole house audio system initially, you should plan for it in the future and wire every room for in-ceiling or in-wall speakers. At some point in the future, you’re going to want to add whole house audio to your home.

Wiring Closets

There should be a compact wiring closet for the storage of distribution and patch panels and media servers that is centrally located. Also make sure that it is large enough for accommodating a rack and there are sufficient cable conduits installed as many wires will terminate at this location.

Wired for 4K and Smart Home

As 4K or Ultra HD will eventually become the standard for video entertainment, install CAT6 or CAT7 cabling to future proof your new smart home.

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