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Written by Walt Meyer

Heavy-Up Benefits for Your Home – Part 2

As mentioned in Part 1, an electrical panel upgrade, also called a “heavy-up”, is often needed by older homes and those that have outdated electrical systems. Part 2 will summarize several significant electrical service benefits from getting a heavy-up for your house.

Improved Performance

Forty years ago, the majority of electrical panels that were installed required only 40 to 50 volts of service. The average has now reached 240 volts, which is currently the standard. A service panel upgrade will allow you to increase the number of outlets in your home and accommodate larger appliances.

Meet Modern Demands

The growing number of modern electronic devices can quickly overload an outdated system and cause issues. A heavy-up lets you use appliances in safety and provide protection to costly equipment like large flat-screen televisions, computers, and entertainment systems. Nowadays, the average home uses about 14,000 kWh (kilowatt hours) annually, an incredible increase of more than 600% since the 1950s.

Greater Safety

Designed for safety, modern electrical panels provide much greater protection than those built decades ago. An older electrical panel that frequently overloads is a fire hazard that endangers all the residents of the home. A heavy-up will provide greater safety and address electrical problems caused by overloading.

Expansion Enabled

A heavy-up provides greater options in terms of expanding an electrical system. If you need to add a new central heating and cooling system or additional outlets, an electrical panel upgrade may be necessary. A heavy-up will also allow a homeowner to add more rooms in a future remodel because the added electrical load could be accommodated by the electrical system.

Increased Resale Value & Decreased Insurance

An electrical upgrade also helps to increase a home’s resale value. A faulty or outdated electrical panel can frighten potential buyers because they will be forced to consider the additional expense for replacement. A heavy-up can also decrease home insurance because of the discount resulting from improved safety.

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