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Written by Walt Meyer

Heavy-Up Benefits for Your Home – Part 1

If you have an older home or an electrical system that is outdated, it is wise to perform an electrical panel upgrade, which is also called a “heavy-up”. Lots of older homes were constructed with only 50 to 60 amps of electrical service and few circuits, and they cannot keep up with current electrical demands.

An electrical panel handles the distribution of electricity into a home from a utility power line. An upgraded panel will have the capability of carrying more power and prevent overloading the electrical system. Homes with an undersized panel may be hazardous as electrical overloads can cause a fire.

A home’s electrical system is comparable to a body’s circulatory system. Its electrical panel would be its heart, sending electricity to all the wired areas of a home like a heart pumping blood. An electrical panel holds rows of switches, and their main purpose is to distribute power to smaller outlet lines.


Similar to diseases that may cause heart failure, an electrical panel will eventually develop problems over time that will decrease its capabilities. It may also be so old it cannot keep up with modern power needs.

A home may need an electrical upgrade if it has the three typical symptoms below:

  • Dimming and flickering of lights when an appliance is turned on.
  • Fuses frequently blow when there are several appliances being used.
  • Several extension cords are necessary to power the appliances needed.

Evaluation & Installation

A licensed electrician will evaluate the condition of an existing panel, review the electrical issues you may be having, and discuss your electrical needs for an accurate determination of how extensive the upgrade should be for your home.

There are a range of upgrades available for a heavy-up. An upgrade can be as basic as the addition of a handful of circuit breakers to the existing box. It may also entail a simple expansion by adding a subpanel. Complex upgrades may include the replacement of a fuse box or an older panel with a new modern model that provides greater electrical capacity.

Part 2 will cover the Benefits of a Heavy-Up.

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