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Top 8 Reasons for Getting a Home Standby Generator Now – Part 1

When a power outage strikes, you can count on some inconveniences if you aren’t prepared. Losing electricity will result in several issues for you and your family. Your food and beverages may spoil. Everyone will have trouble moving around safely at home in the dark. During summer, you’ll lose your air conditioning. If it’s winter, you’ll lose heating. An investment in a home standby generator will help prevent these problems from occurring.

Home Standby Generator

A home standby generator will start automatically when utility power is cut. It will be typically fueled by either propane or natural gas. Consult with a reputable licensed electrician in your area to ensure you buy a generator that will be the right fit for your home. The following will discuss the Top 8 Reasons for purchasing a home standby generator.

Top 8 Reasons

1) Weather Can’t Be Controlled – The majority of outages are caused by severe weather conditions. According to studies, extreme weather events are increasing in occurrence, and so it becomes more likely your home will suffer a blackout that lasts 24 hours or longer.

2) You Need Well Water – If utility power is lost, your well pump and filtration system will no longer be able to provide your family with fresh clean water needed for drinking, bathing, and watering the garden and indoor plants.

3) You Have a Sump Pump – If your home depends on a sump pump to keep a crawlspace or basement dry, losing electricity may result in flooding. The water may damage structures and stored belongings, resulting in economic losses.

4) Home Office or Business – For people who work from home, a long power outage will lead to lost income. There is a chance that you will lose clients or business when you are unable to provide the services or goods they require.

Part 2 will give you four more reasons to install a home standby generator.

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