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Written by Walt Meyer

Electrical Upgrades for Home Remodels & Renovations – Part 2

As discussed in Part 1, many homeowners forget about the electrical system while planning a remodel or renovation. Part 2 will discuss three more aspects of a home’s electrical system that may need upgrading during a remodel or renovation.

Outlets Requiring Replacement

There may be an electrical outlets in your home having trouble holding a plug in place. Over time the clip designed for holding the plug wears out, and the plug will gradually loosen and fall out on its own. Unfortunately, this can be a serious hazard resulting in arcs and sparking, causing a fire. Hire a professional electrician to replace these faulty and dangerous outlets.

Upgrading the Electrical Panel

An outdated electrical panel typically has limited available space for additional circuits or are equipped with out-dated fuse technology. In addition, older panels are often of poor manufacturing quality. They eventually become faulty, stop functioning, and require replacement.

Most homes now require more power due to the increased demand of larger appliances and modern electronic devices. Electricians often discover that older homes do not have adequate electricity to meet this greater demand.

Upgrading a home’s electric service by performing a heavy-up will be the standard recommendation of a licensed electrician in order to increase its electrical capacity and promote safety.

Wiring Requiring Upgrading

The majority of older homes will eventually require upgrading their electrical wiring, so a home remodel or renovation is the ideal opportunity for replacing obsolete aluminum or knob-and-tube wiring with safer equipment.

If opening walls is required for your home remodel or renovation, take advantage of the greater access provided to make electrical wiring upgrades. You will save money by doing it during the renovation process, and the upgrade will result in greater safety, power efficiency, and electrical capability for your home.

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