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FAQ Answers for Your Home Standby Generator – Part 1

You and your family live in a part of the country where an occasional blizzard or hurricane knocks down power lines, leaving you and your family without power for far too long. You’ve been considering installing a home standby generator, but you haven’t gone forward because you still have some questions. Well, here are some answers for your FAQs. Always work with an experienced and licensed electrician for the best results. 

Why should I get a permanent generator when I have a portable?

Most portable gasoline generators consume a little more than 1.5 gallons per hour. Although they generate fumes and make noise, their generating capacity is small and can only power the bare essentials. Portables have to be started manually, so someone has to be home when the power goes out. In contrast, permanent home standby generators are convenient and more powerful. Powered by natural gas, they run cleaner and begin providing enough power for all your appliances, lighting, heating, pumps, etc. automatically whenever power is interrupted. Even if you aren’t home, your refrigerator stays powered on, keeping your food fresh and beverages cold.

What is the size generator needed by my home?

You can consider powering everything in your home or just the essentials when a power outage occurs. Every home is a bit different in terms of its HVAC system, appliances, lighting, entertainment systems, water pumps, etc. The generators that are considered small are 7kW, 12kW, and 15kW units, which can typically handle basic needs. The larger units generally start at 20kW and range up to 40kW, and they have the capability of powering your whole home without limitations.

Are permits needed?

Two permits are typically needed for electrical and mechanical (natural gas). The electrical contractor you hire will be responsible for securing these permits from the local government. There will also be a required inspection before its final start up. Costs of permits will be up to $350 and are usually included in the contractor’s estimate.

Part 2 will answer three more FAQs about home standby generators.

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