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Written by Walt Meyer

Pick the Right Spots for Motion Detector Lighting

Effective for homes in urban, suburban or rural areas, motion detector lighting helps ensure security and safety by shedding light on people and vehicles near your premises. The equipment is affordable, and installation is typically not difficult. However, for safety and the best results, call a licensed electrician.

A motion detector uses a tiny electronic eye for the detection of infrared waves, which are the heat waves radiating from moving objects. Once a motion detector senses a moving object entering its field of view, it electronically activates the light(s) it controls.

Featuring a maximum sensor range field of view of 240 degrees, a motion detector can have lighting present to remain on from 1 to 20 minutes. As an energy-saving measure, motion detector lights are deactivated automatically during the day.

Motion Detector Lighting Styles

• Flood lights provide the brightest lighting and are the most typical type of motion sensor lighting. However, they are often lacking in design.

• Decorative lights are more aesthetically pleasing than flood lights, coming in a wide range of styles and pricing.

• Remote sensors are very handy if you are unsatisfied with the motion sensor lighting available for sale. They can be attached to your existing lighting fixtures.

Best Locations

To maximize effectiveness, use motion sensor lighting for all walk areas that lead to entryways, such as the driveways and doors of your premises. Other important areas to cover are patios, decks, and hazardous areas like swimming pools and stairways. For increased security, every potential approach to your property should be covered. Approaches include fence gates and remote areas of a property.

A motion sensor light should be installed from 6 feet to 10 feet above the area to be covered. Its position should allow detection of movement that passes through its sensitivity zone as opposed to approaching straight toward the detector. When this isn’t possible, use a remote motion sensor unit mounted a distance away.

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