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Upgrade Your Pool and Landscaping Lighting this Spring!

Now that winter is on its way out, we can’t wait for the pleasant warm days of spring and the sunny hot days of summer. As a homeowner always looking for ways to improve your property, you may have been thinking of upgrading the lighting around the pool and surrounding landscaping. Early spring is the best time to start this project. Call an experienced and licensed electrician in your area for professional work to ensure the safety of your family. 

Safety First

In order to create a specific atmosphere, lighting techniques must be used creatively with technical expertise. Bringing excitement to everyone who visits is the main goal, but the safety and welfare of your guests should be foremost in the mind of the electricians you hire. They must be very knowledgeable of codes that regulate both lighting and electrical wiring in pool areas.

Walkways and Social Areas

Proper lighting of walkways and social areas is essential for safety. Guests must be able to move around on adequately-lit paths, barbeque and dining areas, and pool decks confidently and safely.

Create the Mood

You should obtain the help of a designer to work with the electrical contractor for putting together the lighting scheme that will create the mood for the areas around the pool. This may be dramatic, romantic, playful, or a combination. In addition, there are now computerized systems that can be controlled via a smartphone or tablet app that will let you choose a special lighting scheme that will be suitable for a specific occasion.

From Simple to Complex

Generating a soft yellow light, incandescent lights are best used on hard surfaces like walls and walkways. Providing a white light, LED lights are the ideal choice for showcasing plants and trees. For more sophisticated lighting schemes, the DMX controlled lighting system is a solid, high quality choice. Complex programming can automatically move lights, vary colors, dim the lights, and generate multiple patterns.

Electrical Services You Can Trust

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