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Written by Walt Meyer

Get Smart with Home Lighting Control

Home lighting has now entered the 21st Century, and this means smart technology. Flipping switches is obsolete because innovations involving remote control lighting, programmed lighting systems, along with home lighting centers and keypads, are now here. You can now personalize your home lighting to perfectly suit your lifestyle.

Customized Control

Modern lighting control systems allow customization. Pushing a button will let you activate lights to create safe pathways at night. Lights can be programmed to randomly turn on and off to discourage burglars. Lighting at your mountain cabin can also be remotely controlled. Lighting activation and deactivation can automatically adjust to the seasons, including the changing times of sunrises and sunsets.


For homeowners with limited mobility, remote control lighting will help immensely and promote safety. One of the greatest hazards for seniors is falling, and inadequate lighting makes this more likely. Another great safety feature is an automatic activation of lighting when a car pulls into a driveway; lighting for the path typically taken from the car to the home is turned on.


A central keypad with master controls will make controlling the lighting of your entire home very easy and convenient. Every light within a home can be controlled. Certain areas can be chosen for the activation of lighting. Outdoor lighting can be easily turned on to make it safe for someone who has just arrived.

Conservation & Resale Value

Being able to dim or turn off every light whenever needed will save energy. Both indoor and outdoor lighting can be programmed to be on only for certain time periods to cut electrical usage. Although central home lighting controls require substantial investment, there will be significant savings in utility costs. In addition, a home will have a higher resale value because it is a very desirable feature for buyers.

Expert Electrical Contractor

It takes an expert to install a high-quality home lighting control system because of its complexity. Consult with an experienced licensed electrician who offers this service to get the best results for designing, planning, and customizing electrical components. The coordination of the lighting system through master and peripheral controls will also need to be performed.

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