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Upgrade Your Home’s Landscape Lighting for Summer – Part 1

Summertime brings evenings with pleasant weather, and your family and guests will be spending more time outdoors at your home. Landscape lighting not only helps keep them safe as they move around your property, it will beautify your house’s exterior areas. When you are driving through your neighborhood at night, the homes that you notice most are the ones with beautiful landscape lighting design.

Landscape architects typically advise homeowners to make an investment around 10% of your house’s value on both landscaping and lighting design. When both are well designed, the outlay will be recovered as a home’s resale value will substantially increase. The following will cover six ways to benefit from upgrading your home’s landscape lighting.

Extend Living Spaces

Landscape lighting can extend living spaces from inside to the outdoors at night by illuminating exterior areas that can be seen through picture windows and glass doors. Lighting that accentuates architecture and landscaping can also dramatically highlight the most beautiful features surrounding a home. This makes exterior areas more inviting, and guests will feel more comfortable about going outdoors.

Improve Safety

Lighting fixtures that are properly placed along walkways and stairs help prevent falls and injuries. Along with beautifying pathways, lights can help safely guide visitors on their way to your front door or driveway at night. Lights placed around the pool or along a body of water bordering a home also promote safety.

Increase Home Value

Appraisers and real estate agents typically estimate 15% of a home’s value can be attributed to the quality of its landscape and lighting design. It is becoming more common for real estate advertisements to display photos of a home’s exteriors at night, promoting the property’s beauty and elegance.

Part 2 will discuss Strengthen Security, Take Advantage of Outdoors, and Last Advice.

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