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Written by Walt Meyer

The Work Provided by Professional Electricians

Electricians must complete a lengthy education and training process before achieving license status. Before they can enter the field, they must have extensive knowledge about all aspects of electrical installation as well as safety requirements. Most residential electricians are excellent problem solvers and are ‘team players’. They must also have command of basic math skills and be able to work well with the public and provide excellent customer service.

Once they are certified they are able to address a wide variety of electrical issues in and around a residence. They include the following:

  • Install upgrades
  • Install ceiling fans
  • Replace fuse boxes
  • Replace circuit breakers
  • Inspect electric systems
  • Install a generator
  • Install smart technology
  • Identify the causes of a short circuit
  • Replace wiring throughout a house
  • Read and interpret wiring diagrams and blueprints
  • Track the flow of energy to circuit breakers and transformers
  • Troubleshoot and repair electrical malfunctions
  • Install switches, outlets and fixtures in any room
  • Plan the layout and installation of wiring in a building
  • Follow state and local regulations that are based on the NEC (National Electrical Code)
  • Find and replace faulty wiring in older homes
  • Perform routine maintenance checks and periodic testing to ensure systems are running smoothly
  • Review the work of other electricians to ensure it meets codes and standards

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