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Written by Walt Meyer

Upgrade Your Home’s Landscape Lighting for Summer – Part 2

As discussed in Part 1, summertime will bring evenings with pleasant weather, and your family and guests will be spending more time outdoors around your home. Landscape lighting not only helps keep them safe as they move around your property, it will beautify your house’s exterior. Part 2 will discuss Strengthen Security, Take Advantage of Outdoors, and Last Advice.

Strengthen Security

Intruders like to work in the darkness. A home that has well-designed landscaped lighting, including motion-activated lights, leaves them few places to stay hidden. Criminals casing a neighborhood look for houses that have poorly-lit exterior areas. They avoid homes surrounded with landscape lighting that will not let them stay concealed at night. Lighting can be beautifully designed and strengthen security at the same time.

Take Advantage of Outdoors

If you would like to entertain guests outdoors during the summer evenings, consider upgrading the patio lighting. You can use lights strung across the area to set a romantic mood while accent lighting can highlight a fountain or pool. The installation of practical lighting in the barbecue area or an outdoor kitchen will allow you to prepare meals safely.

Last Advice

Work with a licensed electrician to upgrade the landscape lighting of your home. Although you may think it can be a DIY project, complying with electric codes won’t be easy for someone who isn’t experienced. A professional will help ensure that work is completed properly and safely the first time.

Consult with an experienced landscape lighting designer. After making a survey of your property, they will suggest ways to highlight the most beautiful features of your home and landscaping.

Create a budget with the help of the electrician and designer. Do not try to save money by buying low-quality lighting products. This may lead to problems affecting both the design and installation.

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