Meyer Electrical Hotel Lighting
Written by Walt Meyer

Upgrade Your Hotel’s Lighting for the Summer Season

Summer is here, and hotels typically book more guests during this season due to family vacations. Ensuring your hotel’s lighting is functional and in great condition will help make your property safer and more secure for visitors. Lighting design can also improve the visibility of your hotel and create a welcoming atmosphere for your premises.

Importance of Lighting Design

Often neglected, lighting plays an important role for most businesses. Lighting design for hotels can strongly influence the mood of their guests. You should work with a licensed electrician when selecting a lighting design for your hotel. Below are several aspects you should consider prior to upgrading your lighting.


Traditional yellow lighting can make your premises appear dingy. The tone may also negatively affect the mood of guests because the atmosphere feels uncomfortable and oppressive. Upgrading to white lighting will brighten the atmosphere for everyone. Guests will think your facility feels friendlier and workers will be more productive.


If your hotel’s lighting is too dim, safety will be compromised because accidents and crime will be more likely. In addition, dark facilities tend to negatively affect the mood of guests. However, an excessively bright lighting scheme can make people feel overly exposed, making your hotel feel cold and intrusive. You should work with a lighting design expert to find the right approach.

Number of Lights

Installing too many light fixtures will make your maintenance and utility cost unnecessarily more costly, lowering profitability. However, inadequate lighting will make your hotel too dark. This will compromise guest and worker safety and make your facility look dingy. Work with professionals to come up with the right number and combination of light sources for your hotel.


Proper lighting placement is crucial for a successful lighting design. The position and direction of the lights will have aesthetic, functional, and psychological impacts on your guests and workers.

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