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Written by Walt Meyer

Health Benefits From Installing a Hot Tub at Home

The installation of a hot tub at your home will help deliver hours of relaxation and enjoyable time spent together. There are several potential health benefits from soaking in a hot tub. The following will discuss how a hot tub can make you feel healthier, along with a short overview of its installation and electrical requirements.

Decrease Stress & Anxiety

Research has discovered experiencing a combination of jet massage, heated water, and sensations of weightlessness can decrease stress and anxiety.

Lower Blood Pressure & Sugar Level

Even though being in a hot tub will increase blood pressure initially, the higher temperature of your body will gradually dilate cells, reducing blood pressure. Research data shows that people with Type 2 diabetes who spend 30 minutes in a hot tub daily for three weeks had reductions in their blood glucose levels from 182 mg/dl to 159 mg/dl on average.

Reduce Chronic Migraine

People who suffer from migraines typically feel tension headaches just before the onset of a painful migraine. When a person sits in a hot tub, their muscles are not contracted. As a result, pains and aching subside, leading to relaxation. Feeling relaxed decreases the chance of a migraine caused by tension.

Improves Condition of Skin

Raising the body’s circulation by sitting in a hot tub will help increase the delivery of revitalizing nutrients and oxygen to your skin, which can result in improving your skin’s condition.

Decrease Pain

The buoyancy created by bubbles generated by hot tub jets will make you feel weightless. Combined with heated water, spending time in a hot tub will improve blood circulation, reduce joint inflammation, and relax muscles.

Promotes Restful Sleep

When your body feels uncomfortably cold, you will have greater difficulty feeling drowsy and falling asleep. Spending time in a hot tub in the evening will make your body feel warm and relaxed, allowing you to fall asleep sooner while getting a more restful sleep for the entire night.

Hot Tub Installation

Work only with an experienced licensed electrician who knows how to properly configure your home’s electrical system to handle the added power demands of a hot tub. This will help keep your family safe while preventing costly repairs from an improper installation or faulty electrical components.

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