Written by Walt Meyer

Standby Generator Basics for Hotels & Motels – Part 2

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, American electricity customers suffered more than eight hours of electric power interruptions in 2020, the most since data collection began in 2013. Natural or manmade disasters, including severe weather and fires, are the usual cause of a power outage. Part 2 will discuss Capacity, Proper Operation, Location, and Noise.


Prior to buying a standby generator, consult with a licensed commercial electrician regarding your power requirements. A natural gas-powered unit providing 100-250 kW will meet typical hotel power demands. Once your needs and the power capacity that your facility will require are determined, you can ensure the model you purchase will be appropriate.

Proper Operation

A standby generator should only be operated by carefully following the instructions of the manufacturer. Compliance with local building codes and a permit will also be needed for a commercial standby generator.

Regularly scheduled testing of standby generators will ensure they are properly functioning and ready in an emergency. Testing is also important for their proper maintenance as like a car, they need to be started occasionally.


Several factors will come into play for determining whether a hotel or motel’s standby generator should be installed indoors or outdoors. The majority of facilities chose an outdoor generator installation because of an easier installation process. There are more concerns regarding dedicating an indoor area for a generator. If improperly maintained, every type of generator can be hazardous. An indoor generator will also require its own dedicated generator room to comply with ventilation requirements,


A standby generator will generate a level of noise when being used. There are some models that are quite loud and may disturb the people in surrounding buildings and residences. Fortunately, a commercial standby generator is typically more quiet than portable generators. In any case, operate a generator only when it is needed. Schedule its automatic testing during normal business hours.

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