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Written by Walt Meyer

Top Electrical Trends for Future-Proofing Your Home – Part 1

As modern technology is rapidly transforming almost every aspect of life, our homes may eventually become outdated if we don’t take action. Over time, your living space may become incapable of accommodating the newest products and solutions for making your home more affordable, ecological, efficient, and enjoyable.


Houses that do not keep pace with technology will suffer in resale value because they are less desirable to potential buyers. Although renovation or remodeling might allow your home to stay up-to-date for a handful of years, the key is actually future proofing. Wise homeowners treat future proofing as an ongoing process. They improve infrastructure in stages, allowing their homes to stay technologically relevant for the decades ahead.


The following will discuss the top electrical trends for future proofing your home.


Smart Home


By implementing smart technology, a homeowner will be able to control air conditioning, appliances, heating, lighting, locks, and security systems remotely with a smartphone or tablet.


Solutions controlling each of the above can be programmed and automated to serve the preferences of residents. Smart software will be able to learn from the activities and preferences of a home’s residents and adjust settings as needed.


The outlay for the installation of smart devices does not have to be overly expensive. In addition, the investment will help increase the comfort, safety, and value of your home. Work with a licensed electrician for the best results.


Energy Efficiency


The replacement of old appliances with modern models that are larger, yet much more energy-efficient, is an approach that will help decrease costly monthly utility bills for electricity. Outdated major appliances that you can consider replacing are dryers, HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) systems, refrigerators, and washing machines.


Talk to a licensed electrician prior to the installation of a larger appliance for your family’s safety. This professional can verify whether your home’s electrical system will be able to handle the technical requirements of a new appliance and recommend any needed electrical work.


Part 2 will discuss two more top electrical trends for future proofing your home: Senior Friendly Features and Wiring for the Future.


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