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Written by Walt Meyer

Top Electrical Trends for Future-Proofing Your Home – Part 2

Part 2 will discuss two more top electrical trends for future proofing your home: Senior Friendly Features and Wiring for the Future.


Senior Friendly Features


Homeowners who live with baby boomers will benefit from future proofing their homes. Certain aspects of their houses can be modified to better accommodate senior citizens or those who are physically disabled. Let’s focus on lighting and standby generators.


Properly lighting the interior and exterior areas of your home promote safety and security. However, lights should be adequate in strength and correctly positioned. They should not be glaring or distracting, which may affect the movements of the elderly.


Focus on sufficiently lighting areas that require more balance and agility, such as bathrooms, kitchens, and stairways. There should be light switches at the bottom and top of stairways and both ends of a hallway.


Install rocker type switches because they can be activated even with an elbow if your hands are full. Nightlights should be used to light the way to a bedroom or bathroom. Consider installing emergency lights for exits, kitchens, and stairways in case there is a power outage.


The best way to protect seniors when electricity from the utility is lost is having an emergency standby generator. Severe weather may cause power outages that last for days. A home generator can help ensure your senior loved ones stay comfortable and safe during a blackout. Lighting, heating, and cooling will still be available. Assistive and medical devices will also remain powered. Medicines that require refrigeration won’t spoil.


Wiring for the Future


If your home is several decades old, it likely was not wired to keep up with rapidly developing technology. In order to cope with the modern electrical demands and the wiring requirements of computers, gaming systems, smartphones, smart TVs, and tablets, your home may need a wiring and an electrical panel upgrade.


Working with a licensed electrician, you can upgrade the infrastructure of your home, so that it will be able to meet today’s greater electrical demands adequately and safely for years to come. In addition, new Ethernet cabling may be needed to carry broadband internet capable of dealing with the rapid rise of video streaming.


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