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Written by Walt Meyer

Top 4 Benefits of Installing a Home Electric Vehicle Charger

Even though they lower fuel costs and reduce pollutants, many people hesitate to purchase an electric vehicle (EV) because it can be difficult to find a battery charging station. The best solution to this problem is the installation of a home electric vehicle charger.


We’ll cover the top four benefits for installing a home electric vehicle charger. Call a local experienced licensed electrician for the best results and safety of your home.


1) Convenience


A Level 2 charger will take approximately 4-6 hours to fully charge an EV. Most car driving commuters drive to work in the morning. Users can simply plug in and charge up their vehicles overnight, which is significantly more convenient than having to drive the evening before to a public charging station.


2) Savings of Time & Money


Installing a home electric vehicle charger at home will result in saving of time and money. You won’t have to drive to a public charging station anymore. The cost of home charging an EV will usually cost just 4¢ a mile. The cost can be up to 4X more expensive when using a public charging station.


3) Home Safety


In comparison to a public charging station, charging at home is safer for both you and your EV. Safety will require getting the proper charging equipment installed at your home with the assistance of a licensed electrician. This is not a DIY project for the typical homeowner. For example, a Level 2 charger requires a dedicated 240-volt circuit, and a professional will be needed to perform the installation.


4) State & Federal Incentives


Maryland offers a rebate covering 40% of the cost of Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment and Installation. The rebate can cover up to $700 for an individual and $4,000 for businesses. In addition, there is a Federal EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment) credit​ of up to 30% or $1,000 for buying charging station equipment.


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