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Written by Walt Meyer

The Advantages of Automation for Your Smart Home

Smart home automation makes living life easier and more convenient. Gaining in popularity recently, smart home systems have become more affordable and user-friendly with apps on tablets and smartphones. The following will discuss how home management can be improved with smart devices. Work with an experienced and licensed local electrician for the best results.

AV Systems

AV (audiovisual) systems control a home’s audio and video, letting you control and distribute entertainment throughout the home. Audio or video can be piped into specific rooms and can be programmed to activate during certain times of day. Moods can also be enhanced or created by coordinating music with lighting systems. Intercoms can also be easily installed for voice communication.

HVAC Systems

HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems now feature temperature and humidity controls in specific areas of a home. In addition, homeowners will be able to remotely monitor and control air conditioning and heating systems. Taking advantage of natural cooling principles while minimizing utility bills, a system can also be configured to open and close windows automatically.

Lighting Control

Designed to control electric lights, smart lighting systems are programmed to function in time cycles for specific areas, become activated or deactivated by sensors, adjust angles, modulate brightness, and modify colors and color temperature as desired. Sophisticated systems are capable of using and compensating for natural light by controlling window blinds and shades automatically.

Security Systems

A security system can be installed and coordinated with smart home automation. For example, a homeowner who is away on vacation can monitor remote surveillance of security cameras via the Internet. If the owner is forgetful, door and windows can be locked away from home. They can also be unlocked for trusted family members, friends, or maintenance teams. Motion sensors can also be connected to a smart phone and provide a warning when triggered. Automation systems can also artificially create the appearance of a home being occupied.

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