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Home EV Charging Station Basics – Part 2

Part 2 covers the type of EV charging station you should choose and the installation costs of Level 2 charging stations.

Choosing Your EV Charging Station

Electric vehicle owners can choose three types of EV charging stations for their homes: Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3. However, only a Level 1 or Level 2 station is typically installed at home.  

Level 1 – Uses a standard three-prong plug plugged into a home’s 120-volt outlet. Simple, economical, and easy to use, the drawback of a Level 1 station is prolonged charging times. Bringing an empty EV battery to full charge can take one to two days.

Level 2 – Utilizes 240 volts and can charge an EV battery faster than a Level 1 station. They can charge 10 to 20 miles of driving range per hour. On the other hand, a Level 1 station can only charge at 3 to 5 miles of driving range per hour.

Level 3 – Intended for commercial use and super-fast charging, a Level 3 charging station can recharge an empty EV battery in just an hour. However, its super speed is quite expensive. A Level 3 installation can cost $50,000, making it more suitable for businesses.

Installation Cost of Level 2

We recommend getting a few written estimates from reputable licensed electricians, so you can better understand the costs of a Level 2 EV charging station installation.

Getting a permit can run from $100 to $300. Chargers can cost up to $1,000. Expenses for wiring and electrical equipment can be up to $1,000. The cost of labor may be up to  $1,500.

The Inflation Reduction Act passed in 2022 offers an incentive to defray a portion of installation expenses by providing a tax credit for up to 30% of the equipment cost for a maximum of $1,000 per unit.

Maryland also offers an incentive for installing an EV charging station. Check out this link for a list of federal and state incentives for EV vehicles: EV Vehicle Incentives.

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