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Home EV Charging Station Basics – Part 1

Climate change concerns and gas prices are rising, and many car buyers are transitioning to hybrid or fully electric vehicles (EVsx). This has lped to most significant automakers offering E.V.s or planning to do so soon. Their competition is making E.V.s more affordable, driving even more sales.

Even though public charging stations are accessible, E.V. owners prefer the convenience of recharging at home. The following will cover charging times and the installation of a home charging station for your electric vehicle.

Comparing PHEVs and BEVs

The popularity of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) is growing in the U.S. Featuring a large plug-in battery pack; a PHEV allows emission-free driving in cities. Its efficient internal combustion will enable owners to make longer trips.

A plug-in hybrid vehicle such as the Toyota Prius (39 miles) or Hyundai Ioniq (32 miles) provides limited electric-only ranges. Both can be fully charged in five hours utilizing a Level 1 120-volt charger plugged into a standard household outlet.

In contrast, a BEV (battery electric vehicle) like the Volvo XC40 (223 miles) or Tesla Model 3 (358 miles) needs from 20 to 40 hours of Level 1 charging when their batteries are empty. A BEV offers emission-free driving.

Basics of E.V. Charging Stations

Every electric vehicle requires a battery for operation. This battery will need stored electricity to allow an E.V. to run. A standard electric vehicle features an onboard charger that converts household A.C. (alternating current) to D.C. (direct current), stored in its batteries.

Part 2 covers the type of E.V. charging station you should choose and the installation costs of Level 2 charging stations.

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