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Written by Walt Meyer

Three Great Summer Home Electrical Upgrades

We’re midway through summer, and it is time to finish some projects before football is back on TV. The weather is suitable for home improvements, and you can take more time off work. Below are three excellent summer home electrical upgrades that many licensed electricians recommend.

Get Whole Home Surge Protection

The worst thunderstorms hit Maryland in the summer. They usually strike during the afternoon or evening. But thunderstorms can still strike any time throughout the year. A lightning strike can be mighty, and the resulting electrical surge can damage pricey appliances and electronics.

Fortunately, they can be protected by installing whole home surge protection. It is a proven solution capable of minimizing the potential damage of lightning strikes. A licensed electrician can install this crucial measure of protection to prevent damage to your costly appliances and electronic devices.

Upgrade Ceiling Fans

This summer is proving to be the hottest on record. Your home’s air conditioning system must work even harder to maintain a comfortable temperature 24/7. This can drive up utility bills.

One way to decrease AC use is effectively using ceiling fans to reduce indoor temperature. It may be that your existing ceiling fans are outdated and don’t work as well as they once did.

Use this summer to upgrade your home’s ceiling fans. New models can be much more effective and energy efficient, keeping you more relaxed and saving money.

Install Lighting Dimmers

If you want more control over your home’s lighting, installing dimmers is the answer. They indeed can have a tremendous influence on the mood in an area.

Dimmers will give your home’s lighting greater flexibility and versatility. DDimmers can adjust the brightness of lights to the degree you believe most appropriate for a situation. For example, you can make your dining room more romantic for a Valentine’s Day dinner with just a simple turn of a knob.

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