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Written by Walt Meyer

Eight Great Home Electrical Projects for Summer – Part 1

Summer is here, and some of us are planning an upcoming vacation. We can also work on electrical projects that will make summer even better. The following will discuss eight great electrical projects improving our homes this summer.

1) Cool Your Home With Ceiling Fans

Installing ceiling fans will help your house stay cooler and reduce air conditioning usage. This will save on utility bills during those hot summer days. A ceiling fan will improve airflow and help even temperatures for an entire home. Ceiling fans come in various styles, colors, and materials to create a special class for a particular room. You can even pair a chandelier with a ceiling fan to decorate and cool your main dining room.

2) Pool Heater Installation

Many spend summer days, are taking it easy by lounging beside a pool. Some of us would like to do more during late spring and early fall. Installing a pool heater will let you raise the water to your perfect temperature to enjoy your pool for more days throughout the year. Electric, gas, heat pump, and solar are types of pool heating available, so you can choose what is right for your home.

3) Dimmers Set the Mood

Smart dimmer switches are an electrical upgrade that is growing in popularity. Installing them in all the right places can transform your home’s lighting. For example, you can set the right mood in your dining room for a romantic dinner or festive birthday party with a turn of a knob. A dimmer can also create a more relaxing ambiance in your bedroom, making it easier to fall asleep.

4) Relaxing Hot Tub

After a stressful day at work, there is nothing like soaking in a hot tub to unwind. Installing one at home is like having a spa where you can relax whenever you need to destress. A hot tub will help your painful muscles recover after a long run or a rough pickup basketball game if you are a weekend warrior.

Part 2 will cover four more great home electrical projects for summer.

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