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Written by Walt Meyer

Eight Great Home Electrical Projects for Summer – Part 2

Part 2 will cover four more great home electrical projects for summer.

5) Recessed & Track Lighting

Recessed and track lighting are lighting upgrades that can transform your interior’s ambiance. The installation will let you create soft and bright lighting in certain home areas. If you want subtlety, recessed lighting is your top choice because light will be installed flush with the surface of the ceiling. Track lighting should be selected for those who want to make a stylistic statement.

6) Standby Generator Installation

Standby generators will ensure you will have electricity even when utility power is knocked out, automatically activating immediately after this happens. Having a unit is essential if you have a home office or people relying on medical equipment where you live.

A summer installation will also prepare your home for most of the Atlantic hurricane season, from June 1 to November 30 every year. Severe weather is the most often the cause of outages because power lines get blown down during rough storms.

7) Heavy-Up or Electrical Panel Upgrade

Your home may be close to exceeding its electrical capacity, especially if it’s older and was built with a 60-amp electrical panel. This system was not designed to handle modern power demands and can become unsafe, especially when air conditioning is used during the summer.

Consider upgrading your electrical panel to the current 200-amp standard. This will make your home safer because its electrical system will be able to handle the new, larger appliances and a growing number of electrical devices. This decreases the risk of an electrical fire.

8) Improve Exterior Lighting

As temperatures grow warmer, you will want to spend more time in the outdoor areas of your home to enjoy pleasant evenings. Installing or upgrading exterior lighting will allow you to entertain guests outdoors all summer.

Aside from the backyard and patio, you can also install new lights for your driveway, garden, gazebo, landscaping, and pathways. Good lighting will make your home safer and more secure. Guests will be able to walk outside more safely. Lights installed in the right areas can help discourage crime.

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