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Written by Walt Meyer

Warm Up Your Home with Electric Heating This Fall

The cooler days of fall and winter are on their way. Like most people, you grumble when you step out of a hot shower into the freezing cold of a bathroom. Fortunately, you can make sure you get a more comfortable exit from the shower during the colder months by working with a licensed and experienced electrician in your area.

Electric Heating

Electric bathroom heaters are preventing that dreaded shower exit for many people. As they directly emit heat from a unit into the bathroom, loss of heat is no longer a worry. An electrical heater provides its own heating as it does not rely on a furnace or boiler. This gives users greater control. More sophisticated electric bathroom heaters will let you program the times it will turn on and off during the day at the temperatures you want to save on utility bills.

Automation means convenience and greater comfort. The electric heater can be programmed to precisely provide a higher temperature during the early mornings, so the bathroom can be nice and toasty before you take showers on days when it’s cold outside. The heater can then automatically shut off when no one is home and turn itself on at the desired thermostat setting around the time someone returns from school or work.   

Desired Features

The following are five desired features for an electric bathroom heater that you should look for when you begin shopping for one.

1. Convection capability for warming the bathroom air to reduce dampness and preventing mold and condensation

2. Programmable for greater user control and energy conservation

3. Slimline design for creating a graceful décor and conserving space

4. Splash proof for safety and longer service life by preventing corrosion

5. Towel rails for hanging damp items, including clothes wet from rain or snow, for faster drying

Electrical Services You Can Trust

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