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Written by Walt Meyer

Typical Home Electrical Problems During Winter

Home maintenance also means monitoring your electrical system. Spotting potential problems before they occur will help prevent costly repairs and uncomfortable living conditions. Winter’s colder months can be the cause of several common electrical problems. The following will discuss three typical home electrical problems during winter and how to prevent them.


Circuit Breakers Tripping


Winter often makes greater demands on a home’s electrical panel. There will be greater use of the heating system and portable heaters, and your electrical system might become stressed because of increased consumption of electricity. Circuit breakers tripping, along with flickering lights, are common issues during this season.


The solution is increasing the electrical power of your house’s circuit by performing a heavy-up, which is also called an electrical panel upgrade. A heavy-up will give your home’s electrical system the capability of handling modern, larger appliances, home entertainment systems, and various other newer devices and technologies.


Power Outages


Winter can bring extreme conditions in the form of blizzards and ice storms. Severe weather can bring down utility lines, cutting electricity to your home day or night. The best way to protect your home from sudden power outages is permanently installing an emergency standby generator.


Standby generators automatically activate, and when powered by natural gas or propane, can run for several days without having to be refueled. You and your family will stay safe and warm. For homeowners who already have a standby generator, make sure to check the unit’s condition every autumn before winter comes around.


Improper Use of Space Heaters


There are certain areas in a house that need more heating during the winter months. During the winter season, people typically turn to space heaters for a quick and easy solution. Unfortunately, space heaters are not energy efficient, and sometimes they are used improperly, resulting in many house fires.


Space heaters require being plugged into a dedicated outlet for safety. In addition, they should be unplugged when they are not being used. A space heater older than five years should be retired. When used properly, a space heater can keep an area of your home safely warm.


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