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Make Your Home Cozier With a Programmable Thermostat – Part 1

Modern home programmable thermostats are gaining in popularity throughout the U.S. You can make the switch from a traditional manual thermostat to one that’s programmable with the help of a trusted local licensed electrician. On top of making your home cozier, the following will discuss five benefits from installing a programmable thermostat.

1) Better Timing

A home’s cooling and heating needs will change daily as determined by the time of day and season. A programmable thermostat allows a homeowner to program indoor temperatures for set periods of time, depending on the sun’s position and season.

An air conditioner can automatically turn on when summer sunlight starts warming up a home around midmorning. Its programming can then raise it to a higher temperature setting around sunset. Using the same strategy, heating can be lowered when sunlight starts warming up a home during winter mornings. After sunset, the HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) system can begin providing more heating.

2) Decreased Costs

Homeowners can lower energy usage and cut utility bills after installing a programmable thermostat. They can have greater control over temperatures in every area of a home. Each Fahrenheit degree higher in summer or lower in winter over 24 hours can save up to 2% daily on utility bills. One way of saving money is programming the HVAC system to turn off at the time you leave for work and then turn on just before you come home.  

3) Increased Energy Efficiency

Increasing energy efficiency is one way homeowners can decrease their environmental impact. This is chiefly accomplished by eliminating wasteful consumption of electricity and heating fuel. Installing a programmable thermostat gives homeowners greater control over the cooling and heating of each room as the time of day and season can be factored in for each.  

Part 2 will discuss Climate Control Tech and Heating & Cooling Zones.

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