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Make Your Home Cozier With a Programmable Thermostat – Part 2

As covered in Part 1, switching from a traditional manual thermostat to a modern home programmable model will give homeowners five benefits from making the investment. Part 2 will discuss Climate Control Tech and Heating & Cooling Zones. Work with a reputable licensed electrician in your area for the best results.

4) Climate Control Tech

The most advanced programmable thermostats new on the market are capable of utilizing Wi-Fi and apps on laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Installing a programmable thermostat linked to a home’s network will let you control the climate in every area of your house with the touch of your finger.

Even when you are away from your house, you will be able to use your smartphone to adjust the settings of your HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) system to deal with unexpected and severe changes in the weather. Some programmable thermostats can work with motion sensors that adjust a room’s temperature whenever someone enters or leaves.

Highly sophisticated programmable thermostats like Nest are equipped with apps that can observe the preferences of people living in a home for a week. It monitors their movements, changes in their temperature settings, and schedules. These complex thermostats also have the capability for tracking local weather conditions and providing a monthly progress report about energy savings. Some of these thermostats can be voice controlled using Amazon’s Alexa.

5) Heating & Cooling Zones

One outstanding feature of modern programmable thermostats is their capability for setting up different climate zones within a home. Every climate zone can have its own setting in order to meet the needs of those staying in a certain area. Their comfort is maintained by eliminating hot or cold spots in each climate zone. By implementing this strategy throughout a home, energy efficiency can be improved, decreasing energy consumption and saving money.  

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