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Light Your Vaulted Ceilings for Luxurious Look

Also known as cathedral ceilings, vaulted ceilings are known for their arched shapes and unusually high ceilings of eight to 10 feet tall. Architects incorporate vaulted ceilings into home designs to generate dramatic spaces and provide exciting opportunities for beautiful lighting techniques that create a luxurious look.


Recessed lighting fixtures have become increasingly popular because of their subtlety. They preserve the graceful shapes of a vaulted ceiling by being flush and unobtrusive. Adjustable pendant lights are very suitable for the recessed lighting of vaulted ceilings because they can be pointed in desired directions. 


The monorail lighting concept uses cables or rods that suspend lighting fixtures. Each section can be fashioned into unique angles and curves to create elegant lines. Rods can be artistically transformed, holding light fixtures that follow the lines of vaulted ceilings.


Utilizing track heads, cables can be suspended across vaulted ceilings or attached to their wall surfaces. Known for being flexible and for their modern styling, cable lighting has the advantage of being easily configurable to conform to the lines of individual vaulted ceilings.  


Pendant lighting is very adaptable for every kind of vaulted ceiling. A beautiful technique cascades pendants at specific distances from the top. They are available in a great variety of colors and materials, appropriate for either traditional or modern styles.  


Even though they are mostly seen in stores and museums to light individual items, track lighting can also be used for the vaulted ceilings. Tracks can be installed flush to the surfaces of a vaulted ceiling and its walls. Adjustable, individual track heads can be used to either light an area or a specific item like a statue or painting. 


Maximizing natural lighting helps conserve electricity and helps the environment. Skylights can be installed into a vaulted ceiling, allowing sunlight to enter and illuminate the space. The effect can be quite stunning, complementing the forms of a vaulted ceiling. However, installation can be costly and appropriate only for particular structures.

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