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Great Reasons for Needing a Standby Generator

Severe weather can cause extended power outages throughout the year. During the winters, snow and ice storms can cause downed power lines and cut power from the utility. The Atlantic hurricane season lasts from the beginning of June to the end of November and can cause the same problems.

Standby Generator Basics

A home standby generator activates automatically when power from the utility is cut. Installed permanently next to your home, a unit can provide uninterrupted backup electricity for several days. Its wiring is connected directly to a home’s electrical panel, and its fuel is natural gas, propane, or diesel.

A standby generator is made up of two main features: 1) a generator unit and 2) an automatic transfer switch. These two components are designed to function together so that backup electricity is provided almost immediately once a power outage begins.

Once utility service is cut, the automatic transfer switch activates the generator and transfers the power it generates to the electrical panel of a home.

Powered by an internal combustion engine, a standby generator is fueled by the home’s supply of natural gas. If this is unavailable, either liquid propane or diesel is used as fuel.

When utility power is restored, the transfer switch shuts down the generator and reconnects the utility power to the home’s electrical panel.

Just like a car, a standby generator requires regular maintenance. After being run continuously for 24 to 48 hours, some units require a trained technician to change the unit’s oil and filter. In other cases, this service should be performed annually.

The Great Reasons

  1. Rapid and automatic delivery of backup power when utility power is cut.

  2. Home remains safe and comfortable during a power outage.

  3. Refrigerated food and beverages will remain fresh, and water supply continues.

  4. A standby generator is a permanent solution to power outages year around.

  5. A motel is unnecessary as the home remains comfortable, either heated or cooled.

Electrical Services You Can Trust

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