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Written by Walt Meyer

Fall for Your Home’s Electrical Services – Part 2

As discussed in Part 1, winter brings the most electrical dangers so doing needed electrical work during the fall will help give you the peace of mind from living in a safer home. Part 2 will cover four more important fall electrical services for your home.

3) Bathroom and Kitchen GFCI

To ensure bathroom and kitchen safety, the NEC requires GFCI protection for every new bathroom, as well as for kitchen outlets that are six feet or less away from the sink. The addition of ground fault protection to existing circuits will improve safety in every bathroom and the kitchen in your home.

4) Outdoor Lighting

Installing safety and security features such as pathway lighting and motion sensor lighting will prevent accidents and help protect your home from intruders. Exterior lighting can also beautify your property by highlighting the beauty of your landscaping and home’s architecture during nighttime.

5) Outlets and Switches

Two-prong outlets are now considered unsafe, and they should be replaced with dependable and safer three-prong outlets. Over the years, outlets and switches can suffer wear and tear and may become faulty and/or hazardous. Those that are in poor condition should be replaced for safety.

6) Whole-Home Surge Protection

Power surges occur in only milliseconds, and they often go unnoticed. When they happen, your lights may flicker. An appliance such as microwave may also reset its digital clock, which indicates a loss of power. Over time, the little spikes by the current within your home’s electrical wiring can eventually damage the components of expensive electronic devices.  

The insurance claims filed for damage caused by power surges are in a similar category as lightning strikes. Altogether, they amount to more than a billion dollars in losses in the U.S., averaging insurance claims of $4,500. Fortunately, the installation of whole-home surge protection can help prevent damage from power surges and electrical storms.

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