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Benefits of Installing a Central Vacuum Cleaner System

A central vacuum cleaner system is a modern and efficient approach for cleaning the floors, walls, and other surfaces of your home. It is capable of removing debris, dirt, and dust by moving vacuumed particles through tubing built inside walls to a collection container housed in a utility space situated in your basement, garage, or storage room.


Installed throughout a house, vacuum inlets make every room accessible. Cleaning hoses and other accessories can be simply attached to an inlet, making vacuuming a home easier and faster.


Talk to a local licensed electrician about installing a central vacuum cleaning system in your house. If you work out of a home office, you will have a cleaner workplace.


Benefits of Central Vacuum Cleaners


  • Convenience – Efficient and quick setup, usage, and storage of vacuum hoses and cleaning tools. It also promotes safety because a heavy, hot appliance will not need to be balanced on a stairway while managing the electrical cord.


  • Durability – Service life of decades for high-quality systems, requiring much less maintenance and needing only the replacement of motor brushes every 10 years. They avoid collisions and drops that can damage portable equipment. A limited lifetime warranty is provided by most manufacturers.


  • Greater Suction Power – Smaller portable units cannot match the suction power of a central vacuum system, which may use two motors for extra power. Bagless and filterless systems do not lose suction power caused by clogging.


  • Handles Tough Debris – Capable of efficiently removing dry substances, filterless models can vacuum up debris like flour, plaster dust, and slivers of broken glass.


  • Healthier Air – Can completely remove allergens and noxious odors. Portable vacuums emit polluted air filled with fine dust and heated air. Central vacuums transport vacuumed air into a utility space or directly outdoors.


  • Less Frequent Emptying – Usually accumulating up to 22 pounds before requiring emptying, central vacuum systems avoid this unpleasant task that must be performed much more frequently for portables.


  • Noise Reduction – A good central vacuum system is very quiet when used because its powerful motor has a remote location in a utility space. This provides benefits to the user and others who are occupying the space being cleaned.


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