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Written by Walt Meyer

6 Benefits From Automating Window Treatments – Part 2

As covered in Part 1, motorized shades and blinds can conveniently control indoor temperatures and increase your home’s security. Their integration with a smart home’s environmental controls will aid energy efficiency.

Part 2 will cover three more benefits from automating window treatments. Talk to a licensed electrician regarding installation for your family’s safety and best results.

4. Protect Art, Interior & Furnishings

Motorized window treatments can help shield furnishings, flooring, and art from harmful sunlight. Sunlight streaming through windows may seem harmless, but over time they can bleach out colors and degrade the quality of materials.

Within a few months what was once red paint may appear pink. Leather furniture exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet rays will eventually lose pliability and crack. Treasured photos hanging in wall frames will eventually fade if they are bathed in sunlight every day.

5. Promote Safety of Residents

Most traditional blinds and shades require cords, which can quickly become a strangling and choking hazard to young children and pets. Motorized blinds are completely chain and cord-free and are a convenient and safe solution for all members of your family.

6. Dual Purposes for Home Spaces

Electric curtains and blinds can be used for transforming a space to give it dual purposes. To illustrate, a living room can also be utilized as a home theater after lowering the curtains and blocking the light. The dark bedroom that makes it easier for you to fall asleep can turn into a space full of morning light at dawn to help you wake up.

As for outdoor spaces, terraces that are too hot to be used in summer can be made much cooler with electric awnings, which can be used at lunchtime. Similarly, the sun canopy can be raised on a cool autumn day to take advantage of the sun.

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