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What to Consider Before Buying a Standby Generator – Part 2

As discussed in Part 1, power outages cause inconveniences and problems for homeowners. Part 2 will discuss Voltage Requirement, Transfer Switches, Accessories, Equipment Maintenance, and Warranty. Consult with a reputable and experienced licensed electrician for your safety and the best results.

6) Voltage Requirement

The typical low voltages are 120/240 volts single phase, 120/208 volts three phase, 120/240 volts three phase, and 277/480 volts three phase. Discuss what is applicable with your licensed electrician handling the installation of your standby generator.

7) Transfer Switches

Emergency standby systems are usually equipped with automatic transfer switches. Manual transfer switches are available for certain systems, but you won’t save much money when downgrading your system to a manual switch.

8) Accessories

A standby generator’s accessory options will depend on its type. Generators built for residential systems usually provide an optional remote annunciator panel located indoors that indicates generator status. Remote monitoring and cold weather kits are also commonly offered.

9) Equipment Maintenance

Similar to vehicles, standby generators require proper maintenance to ensure they function as expected in the event of a power outage. Unfortunately, homeowners tend to neglect generator maintenance for long periods. Lack of maintenance will cut service life, reduce reliability, and make equipment failure more likely at critical times. In addition, regular maintenance for a standby generator is required to keep its warranty valid.

10) Warranty

Most residential generators have standard two to five-year warranties. It would be smart to have a solid understanding of the warranty duration and coverage of the standby generator you have installed. In addition, request information regarding options for increased coverage as they may be suitable for your needs.

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