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Written by Walt Meyer

Electrical Safety for the Elderly at Home

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), almost one million adults over the age of 65 suffer injury every year by using typical household appliances and products. If you are a senior citizen or care provider to the elderly, keep in mind the basic electrical safety tips discussed in this article.


Be sure to locate electrical, extension, and telephone cords away from areas of access and foot traffic. Whenever possible, use outlets nearest to a lamp or other devices. Also avoid laying electrical cords on top of furnishings and carpets because they may cause fire if they are frayed or torn. Lastly, never use pushpins or staples to tack electrical cords onto a wall. This may cause damage to the wires, increasing the chances of a fire.

Electrical Inspection

Having regular home electrical inspections performed by a licensed electrician will help ensure your home is up to code and safe electrically. Faulty wiring can lead to deadly electrical fires.


Adequate home lighting allows the elderly to move around safely, especially in hazardous areas such as stairways and kitchen work areas. As seniors age, an increasing number of lights at home will become necessary.

Plugs and Extension Cords

Overloading plugs and extension cords should always be avoided. Instead of plugging several cords into the same outlet or extension cord, use surge protectors that are rated for the electrical load that is needed. Designed to shut down in the event of an overload, surge protectors prevent fire and electrical shock.

Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

 Make sure that smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are installed in the right locations and are functioning properly. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding maintenance and replace them every 5 to 10 years. Also consider having an electrician hardwire them for electrical power to ensure that they function even with a dead battery.

Standby Generator

A standby generator provides emergency power and promotes senior safety by providing electricity for essentials such as lighting, refrigeration, heating, cooling, and mobility aids during an extended power outage.

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