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Written by Walt Meyer

The Importance of Maintaining Your Standby Generator Regularly

Installing a home standby generator is one of the best investments a homeowner can make. Whenever there is a power outage, you will be able to count on it to provide the electricity to keep your household running. Your family will be able to stay cool or warm, have lighting to make moving around safer, keep food from spoiling, and power devices that allow communication.

It is not unusual for standby generators to last for 20 years or more if they are regularly serviced and well maintained. Unfortunately, many homeowners tend to skip routine maintenance because they do not have a plan.

Creating a Maintenance Plan

Begin by reviewing the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule. You will find that preventative maintenance schedules are typically based on the number of hours used and time periods.

A generator used often will need more frequent servicing. Conversely, one that is used minimally will need less maintenance. Environmental factors such as heat, humidity, dust, and extremely cold conditions should be considered, and a generator subjected to harsh elements may require special service.

Year Round Checklist

Weekly – A standby generator should be programmed to run automatically once a week to make sure it is properly operating and fluid leaks are not occurring.

Monthly – When the engine is cool, the battery charger and fluid levels should be checked. The homeowner should ensure the area surrounding the generator is tidy and cleared of debris.

6 Months – The enclosure should be checked, the battery tested, and the air filter, belts, connectors, exhaust system, hoses, and lines should be inspected by a qualified professional trained to maintain the generator brand.

Annual – A qualified professional trained to maintain the generator brand should inspect the electrical connections, flush the cooling system, and replace all fluids and filters. The technician should also carry out load bank testing. Fuel reconditioning should also be performed as needed.

The above is not a comprehensive maintenance checklist, but the summary will give homeowners an idea what is needed. Always work with a qualified professional to get the best results.

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